Friday, September 11, 2009

End of Summer and its Glorious Sunsets

School has been extremely busy, but I am enjoying it very, very much.
I'm taking American Literature-Colonial to the Present, English Literature-Wordsworth to the present, Middle Eastern History, and Studies in Asian History-Rise and Fall of the Ottoman Empire.

I changed my major once again, but I think this is it! Asian Studies with a minor in Linguistics and Japanese and maybe some classes in Chinese or Russian. My ultimate goal is still law school, but right now I want to concentrate on doing well and graduating within the next three years. So yes, I will graduate about one year late, but I can't regret it because I've learned so much from UT's classes. It may not be my favorite place, but I have benefited greatly academically speaking.

It's nice to be in higher level classes since you generally deal with people who are as serious about academic success as yourself. I've had to do two presentations already, but it keeps you on your toes. It really helps you open up in front of other people, and it helps you to take part in discussion--something I never did like to do quite like now. This is also something that can carry over into normal social interaction, and I have noticed a difference. Opening up after everything has been difficult...people still cause so much grief because they simply don't understand.

The only downside to this semester is that swine flu has broken out. Some people have even bragged about coming to school with it if you can believe that. I wore a mask last class, but I'm uneasy about the looks of ridicule I get. Ridicule can be much more painful than illness..even if illness kills you. Why is pride so inclined to make us stupid?

I went to Earth Fare the other day and found some pretty good food items. Namely, spinach, gluten free asiago dressing, olives stuffed with feta (I could only eat a few as they turned out to be spicy from the red peppers in the olive oil), and gluten free spinach pasta.
That was really just a segue to this recipe I created tonight. Super delicious:

*Gluten free spinach pasta

*sauce/toppings/whatever you'd like to call it:
*onions sauteed in olive oil and minced garlic
*sea salt
*smoked Gouda
*fresh basil--I love having herbs growing on my porch!

Mix the two together and add shredded Parmesan.

Needless to say, I enjoyed dinner tonight. Not simply because I can't really eat heavily during the week--I get up early so eating the day before makes it difficult to get up--but because it was really, really good! Even Daniel ate the other portion.
Normally I eat whole percent Fage yogurt with chopped peaches, but I have been cheating with Ghiradelli peanut butter chocolate squares. Divine just doesn't cover it after abstaining from sweets like this..

Also, a couple of things I am excited about now that I am feeling better! Well, and assuming I stay better long enough to attend:

*September 18-MMA cage fight-not really my thing, but a friend is one of the fighters so I am looking forward to it.
*September 30-Silversun Pickups
*October 31-Valarium or the Zoo
*November 3-Lacuna Coil
*November 10-Peaches (I am super excited about this, but it's the only one I don't have tickets for!)
*November 14-Two year anniversary! I know, I isn't a long time, but we have been through a lot together so it means quite a bit to me. I'm still angry about ****bag...but you know, whatever. In spite of her role as 'easy escape from responsibility' he and I are still together. As for her excuses? Sorry, I remain a skeptic.
*December 27-10 years

The main things to worry about at the moment are getting through school with good grades, beginning to pay of my medical bills and interest on unsubsidized loan (yes, I applied for a small one) without going broke, and staying healthy e.g. Crohn's and not getting swine flu. The mental health is important as well so I need to go to the clinic on campus sometime soon.

Something to note: don't ever take counseling for granted. If you need help then for goodness sake get help.

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