Sunday, October 18, 2009

One of Our Greatest Obstacles

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I think this is the first step, and many of us never get past it. Acceptance of the human condition is difficult enough without a lifelong illness, but this is difficult on a completely different level.
I'm wishing all of us, not just Crohn's patients, the best of luck in finding our place.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

October 15-pre Midterm stress, post 'surgery' depression

I'll leave just a short update here:

Insurance: I've checked with a lot of fellow Crohnies, and the verdict is? You can't hope to get insurance unless it's under a spouse/parent's plan or if you work for a company that will cover you. My father is looking into extending the COBRA until we can figure something out. My main concern is being able to get through college. I don't want to drop out because I'm spending all my time in the hospital or bleeding in my bathroom. I have plans!
Now, there is medicare, but it doesn't cover any of my medication, and it doesn't cover my doctor. Sounds picky? Here is the thing, what medication works and for who is completely up to the body of the individual. Pentasa works for me, but it may do nothing for someone else. I've been on a lot of different kinds, and I've tried many different things before finding what is right for me. If it took you a year to get out of bed would you want to mess with the formula?
Also, I have an amazing doctor. Not 'amazing' how everyone throws the word around,'That shade of pink on your lips is AMAZING! My apartment is AMAZING!' No, he is a really wonderful doctor. Anyone who goes to a specialist knows that finding a good doctor is rather difficult, and that once you find him/her you do not want to let them go. It's like stumbling across a gold mine. This is my life I am dealing with here.

Health-The cysts seem to have disappeared. I went to a clinic to get some things done, had one of the worst days of my life, and got sent home with some hydrocodone and Loestrin (yes!). Crohn's is on the fence right now. There is some sort of bladder/reproductive organ situation though. It almost seems like interstitial cystitis or perpetual infection, but I can't get into anyone's office. I called everyone at Parkwest, and I called my clinic, but neither were available. Those aside, there are some stomach problems, but nothing that keeps me from leaving the house. Completely.

School-Going off of that last sentence, I have class from 9-1 every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and some mornings I have a really hard time getting up. The stomach pain gets that bad. It's either/or a combination of the Crohn's or post weekend procedure. We're not sure yet. I need to call for a follow-up, and I think I have a GI appointment sometime soon. It's just slightly difficult to get up and down stairs, and my first class is on the third floor, no elevator.

It sounds like quite a bit of whining, but I do have a lot to be grateful for right now.

1. Daniel proposed to me. This is the second time. I won't go into details about what happened to the first, but suffice to say I learned what true hatred is, and its name is Leather Mrause (see what I did there? >_>). Witches aside, I love Daniel. I think I might die if he weren't here.

2. I'm not pregnant. Take the two theatre masks, cut them in half, put them together, and that is my face on this particular subject.

3. School is going much better than it did last semester. It's a lot of work, and I'm still worried about making the grade, but I think everything will be all right. I have some really wonderful teachers with equally interesting classes.

4. I can eat. Enough said.

5. I'm learning to live away from the shaky ground that is friends who "care." I deleted them from my internet social settings, and am concentrating on keeping contact with the people who are still there in spite of everything. Letting go never ceases to be so liberating.

That's it for now. It's a little bit longer than I intended, but it could go on for much longer if I hadn't made this more public earlier.