Saturday, June 27, 2009

Being sick doesn't mean you're dead

Even when things feel perfectly fine, or so I've learned this past week, you cannot eat everything lying outside the area of spicy or acidic food (because these two are obviously forbidden, yes?).

My poison?

A bowl of blueberries sans skin and strawberries.

This is the first time I have vomited from what I believe to be my second obstruction this month. Fun times but, you know, not really.

COBRA took effect so I am insured for the time being. This taken into account I had an ultrasound done. Results are pending for now. I'm thinking I'll be fine as long as I stick to soft foods and avoid certain fiber e.g. fresh fruit, like the plague.

I haven't taken my omeprazole for two weeks now and am feeling the usual heart burn and tightness in the chest. I am wondering if this has anything to do with the last string of medical adventures. I plan on picking it up today to see what differences are made.
I also have neglected to take Loestrin for the past week. I think that this kind of neglect is always a mistake and am planning to get this today as well. You may as well take advantage of what your insurance will cover at the time.

That is the end of this month in any case. Did I learn anything new?

Stop stressing so much about the things you can't control and get on with the life that you can. There is a life out there waiting for you.

For those interested, a topic I was asking about recently:

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Dianne said...

Hi Bonnie. Thanks for following my blog Ballet Shoes and Point Shoes. You may find some info in another blog of mine,, about inflammatory conditions. I do a lot of natural remedy product review and some older posts have to do with omega 3 oils.

And btw, ovarian cysts are related to an iodine deficiency. Just google it, you'll be amazed....all the best.

Bonnie Griffith said...

I apologize for the late reply. I wasn't even sure if people were really reading these! I had no idea about the iodine deficiency..that would explain quite a bit.
I will certainly be reading your other blog! Natural remedies are a particular interest of mine, and I hope more research will be done on them in the future.